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Track it. Now select Effects from the top menu. After that, duplicate the audio file (by pressing on the audio's panel on the left and going to Edit > Duplicate). Demonic voices also sound unique in recorded music, either as background sound or for lyrics. 3. 5 and press OK). They have a lot of other sound effects, but you have to pay for those. (Fedora wants Creative  Jun 19, 2013 Trying to get that lo-fi effect for your voices or sounds? Audacity can do it right out of the box. kvraudio. Create Looping Sound Effects for Games (for free) with Audacity In Articles by John January 31, 2019 1 Comment In this article I’m going to show you how to turn ambient sounds, like engine recordings, background noise or environment audio clips, into seamlessly looping sound effects that you can use in your game. Open Audacity, and import your music clip. the amplitude is low and you can hardly hear the words or music even when cranking up the volume on your speakers or headset. Click like if this was helpful. Select the part of the audio that  Aug 13, 2018 Have you ever wondered how to make that "low quality effect" like Things You'll Need. One mic can’t produce stereo sound so it’s just useless to you. [click]audacity Flex - With 750 Sound Effects How To Use Reviews : Get best [click]audacity Flex - With 750 Sound Effects How To Use With Quality. The only difference is that the human operator would be replaced by a motor. 5) Periodically select all your sounds, and “Mix and Render”, which will reduce them all down to one sound. Aug 4, 2016 I wish to add some sustain effect to it, like when one uses one uses the piano's usually rightest pedal to make the sound hold up longer. Also, try making some ambiences! Wind sounds, birds chirping, crickets, can always be used for humorous and dramatic effects. 7. How to Master Vocals Using Audacity Step 1 Click "File" on the main Audacity tool bar and select "Open. This is a quick little video tutorial that will show you how to loop sound effects to make them last longer. This will start the process of importing your song and preparing it for mastering. This short tutorial will show how you can use Audacity to adjust the volume of a sound clip. For starers, you’re gonna need to get the white noise sound alone. Audacity has a “reverse” effect, and when you hit play you’ll hear the track played backwards. Make a deep echo sound effect in Audacity. An Audacity tutorial to teach you guys to make some "Super Cool" voice effects. This HowTo covers basic sound editing using the Audacity program, a Linux and MS windows sound manipulation program. You will need to know how to work your equipment to get the results you want. A microphone or a sound clip of you talking  Advanced tutorials for the Free Audacity sound editing program. Export the sound as an mp3 or wav. We'll add applause after we say our name, and then add some whoops and hollers at the end congratulating us for making a recording. . Making a click track is easy. To edit the entire track, click Edit > Select > All. Begin with a phrase you wish to robotize, and as before, duplicate it with Ctrl+D . The NOISE REMOVAL in Audacity is an effect that is pretty effective (no pun intended) at removing that kind of Really, it's not that hard to make your podcast with Audacity. , Unfortunately they were not planning on recording it at the sound booth, and it was to late to alter things, (I only showed up 15 minutes before it started), I ended up dropping a handheld recorder in the middle of of the auditorium on its own tripod and making a dash for my camera with about 10 seconds to spare. Make your voice or music sound crazy with these special effects that you can apply post-process (after recording) or in real-time with a mixer. All you need to do is start with reversed tracks. Achieving this effect is relatively simple, once you have the appropriate tools. The original effect was used in a complex mix as a transition point between two music tracks. How to Process Vocals for an Amazing Professional Sound over use of the process can effect the signal in undesirable ways and make words sound unrealistic and Flange is an audio effect caused by mixing the original audio with a copy that is delayed by a varying amount that cycles over time. Oct 3, 2014 Audacity is an open source sound recorder and editor that enables you to record, modify, and export audio files. Download the free sound editing software Audacity, to finalize and polish your sound effects With Audacity you will be able to put the final touches to your creations. The sound effects of Audacity are perhaps the most important effects. There's a lot Audacity can do, but there's just as much that it can't do. First, they get the raw sound by recording in an acoustically neutral studio. You connect a microphone to your computer and click Record on the Audacity interface. This boosts the volume of the whole file. Now that we have our basic recording done, we can have fun with it!! Let's add some sound effects to our project and put in the proper place. Select what you want to edit, and go to Effect > Reverse. " Browse to the location of the vocal track that you want to master. Try experimenting. All from our global community of musicians and sound engineers. 4 years ago | 311 views. com/user/JWildfong If you have a request for a tutorial, please post it below. The Audacity effects. You might need to turn off clipping, but just put in a figure like 7, preview, and adjust the number as you see fit. It can be used on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems, and the best part about it is that it is free! NB: The Mac equivalent, GarageBand is another great option if you are at a Mac school, but in the interests of all users, Pros how to make laser gun sound effects in audacity Aesthetically Pleasing, Easy To Install, Good Value, Safe, Tough how to make laser gun sound effects in audacity Best Uses Competitive Shooting, Hunting, Self Defense, Tactical, Target Practice You can use Audacity to: Record live audio. 'Audacity' is a software application that provides you with a full set of tools that you can simply utilize to edit or modify audio files and add amazing effects by means of an easy-to-use user interface. With Adobe Audition, you can use reverb effects to simulate a variety of room environments. So this video shows you how to use the free sound editor Audacity to repeat/loop sounds. Create Sound Effects with Audacity by Marian. On the gray box to the left side, the titled song will have a drop down arrow. You’ll see a whole list of neat things that can be done to the innocent sound file which is now under your control. The music records into the track, and when you’re done you simply press stop. Jun 21, 2016 You're not using Audacity to its full capability. Click on Effects: Compressor, and keep the settings on about: By bass boosting your voice, you are making it sound more deep/manly, so if you are a girl, I suggest you skip this   Welcome to The Guide To Sound Effects. A sound that should be played when a speed boost is collected in a 2d platformer. Sound editing software also has a great role in improving the quality of homemade videos or YouTube uploads. The vocoder then modulates the left-hand channel with the right-hand one. You might also be able put a bass boost on to emphasise the bass as if the sound is coming from headphones. Audacity has this but with Wavepad you can preview it as you edit which is very useful. Many sound effects can be automated using the same methods that you would use to make them in a recording studio. Now, this part may get a little tricky. Jan 8, 2014 Start by downloading Audacity and a page-turn sound. "Recording sound with a microphone", parts a and b, for microphone set-up instructions). Edited in Audacity (reverse, To create a muffled sound, you need to alter the equalization of the audio clip. Click Effect > Amplify. Make sure "VST" is selected (it should be), and then select "Rescan VST effects next time Audacity is started. Click the "Effect" menu and then select "High Pass Filter. Complete Alert royalty free sound effects pack gives you these bright and pleasurable synth-based notifications that will make your tough days much easier and more soothing! They are spatial, sonorous bell-type sound designs that will prove to be more than perfect for your interfaces and menu View Lab Report - imsg lab6. Open Audacity. When in your sound editor, make a copy of the sound of the floor tile so you would have all effects; metal – cardboard – floor tile and balloon – plus an extra floor tile sound. Step 12. All the buttons that you know and love are here, but there are some new things as well: in the special effects menu it has something called "telephone effect" which muffles sounds. Some people are are interested Gun How To Make Laser Gun Sound Effects In Audacity on the cheap price. To select the swear words you want to delete with any accuracy, you will have to zoom in. Here I need to open a pre-existing sound mix in Audacity, import the new sound effect, and remove the old one. Rob Robideau, from the Personal Armament Podcast and a clients for my Subscribe & Follow widget, placed the idea for this April Fool's Day topic in my mind back in August. Audio professionals in post, games, film and television rely on PSE libraries to fuel creativity, finish projects faster, and produce better sound. 0 to make sound effects into MMD? How do I put sound effects into my Insert your music or sound effects into Audacity Audacity presents three options for inserting audio into an open project: drag the audio file into your project window, or Audio menu > Import > Audio …, or use the keyboard shortcut Cmd-Shift-I (OS X) or Ctrl-Shift-I (Windows). Click Audacity in the main menu then Preferences. Audacity, a free, open source, cross-platform application for audio recording, doesn't Employ the BassBoost effect to give your vocals a deeper, richer sound . Well, Audacity is a FREE audio editing & recording software. The sounds you make in this HowTo will be used in the Poems project and will be added into the animation display. This page contains a number of ideas on how to create various sound effects, and we hope you find it inspiring. When you're finished with your recording, go back into the “Effect”  song: select the desired region, then pull down Effect => Fade In or Fade Out. Audacity's vocoder requires you to create a stereo waveform with the vocal on the left channel and the synthesized sound on the right. ) 14. Sometimes I've  Jun 25, 2015 Editing Audacity/Track and Effect Editing. Audacity Flex - With 750 Sound Effects How to Use Audacity Audacity flex is a video course of 9 videos teaching and demonstrating how to use audacity and how to learn it in few days even in less than a day possible The video course is a quick summarization of every important thing in audacity you need to learn and know There are tons of ways to make these types of sound effects, and many different types of sounds can be substituted in place. If you accidentally delete a section of your audio, or ruin the sound, you can kiss the original goodbye. Freesound. You Audacity Echo Effect Hip Hop Remixed With Gqom Francesca Battestelli Songs Dancing With Nobody Austin When Love Takes Over Paolo Late Nippa Ennala Marakka Mudiya Villai Ikaw Nga Khel Pangilinan Flashlights By Jessie Breathe Telepopmusic Love Me Like You By Little Mix Walk It Out Unk Jessie J Can't Take My Eyes Off You There Nothin Hold Me Back You can edit tracks in Windows 7 quite easily. Perhaps you are using a vocal track (for example, your lovely singing voice) for a video piece and would like to give it a classy concert feel. audacity, choose File/Export and choose the format you desire. Finishing touches and polishing of sound tracks can be done very easily with this sound editing Then click Effect: Noise Reduction: Get Noise Profile. Trackonion. #7: Save a copy of your epiosde, before you start making changes. Of course, ideally, the goal is to record it in such a way you get a super strong clean signal. Often times, it's needed because the audio is too faint, i. Nowadays many people use this type of software to make […] I recently attended and recorded a live concert with a friend. It can be a great haunting effect for voice-overs or characters. e. Jan 31, 2019 How to make looping sound effects with Audacity I'm going to create a looping wind sound effect from a simple recording of me blowing into  Editing Voice, Sound Effects, In a new Audacity file, paste in the segment you just recorded Create a new track in this work file for recording another sound. To save as other than . Anyone can make excellent effects with the help of Audacity. The feature-strong application has a great selection of audio effects that can be used to add an  Apr 6, 2008 So I find myself having to replace a few sound effects in a game I'm working on due to license considerations. com Please bookmark us Ctrl+D and come back soon for updates! All files are available in both Wav and MP3 formats. ” This means that we can all work together, regardless of our preferred operating systems, to participate in the art of creating and editing audio. Aug 24, 2009 than routing the source file through an effects processor as happens with sound recording - there is probably no need to buy a package to do  Apr 22, 2005 Find out how to make your podcast sparkle with just a few easy steps. How To Make Your Voice Sound Like GLaDOS From Portal. Related Questions. One on the kick, one on the snare, and two overheads. Then click play and wallah! Ghostly music. The default settings for the Flange & Chorus effect are for help how to audio Make a Soundboard FAQ How to Make a Soundboard Want to create your own soundboard but need a little help? Listen to the ten easy steps in creating your own soundboard here at www. Get 1 fix and make sound effect on AudioJungle. This is going to be the section of the file that you apply your effects and filters to. Click on the Input tab, and select the microphone you are using from the available options. AC3, M4A/M4R (AAC), WMA and other formats supported using optional libraries. Free Sound Effect Collection, Relaxing & Background Music, Loops. I've got some experience with Audacity, so I'm most interested in how to do it using Audacity. I used a spring Use the Effect -> Normalize tool to make your volume more even. This wikiHow teaches you how to use the "Noise Reduction" effect in Audacity to diminish background noise in an audio file. Once you have done that, highlight the rest of the audio and press Effect: Repeat Noise Reduction. Make sure to listen to any particularly loud parts as the sound might get distorted. How to remove white noise from audio in Audacity. In this episode I go over how to record multi-channel drums to a click track in Audacity. Using the Sound Effect. If you use any of these audacity loops please leave your comments. And here is the link to the original question that inspired this question . Orange Free Sounds - Listen, Download, Enjoy-We Make Sounds Orange! Pro Sound Effects® develops the most useful sound effects libraries for next level media production. The frequency of the copy is also offset by an amount related to the delay. Over 40,000 free sound effects and royalty free music to download instantly for commercial and non-commercial use and all professionaly recorded. I'm going to collect some 'reciepies' here for more complicated effects to do in Audacity. Of course, I could do without the smell of rotting fish carcasses, the constantly screeching gulls and the looming threat of melanoma. Audacity is a great audio editor for use in the classroom. Deals for Gun How To Make Laser Gun Sound Effects In Audacity You can order Gun How To Make Laser Gun Sound Effects In Audacity after check, compare the values and check day for shipping. Background Music and Sound Effects – Free is Good. Next you will notice two separate tracks. Launch Audacity. This is more like a tool that allows the user to delete the spikes and unwanted piece of waves from the track. How to Remove Background Noise in Audacity. The changes you make in Audacity are irreversible. Open Audacity on your Mac. https://www. So, we will use Audacity to lessen the volume! 1. Learning how to make songs better with Audacity only takes a few minutes with the right knowledge. You can make sound tracks fast or slow, high-pitched or low-pitched by amazing effects of Audacity. This will open the audio as one track. The Beginner’s Guide to Recording Audio in Audacity. record a sound on your microphone 2. Thanks   Once you've edited or made your audio effects in Audacity, you can simply export But if you are just working with voicefiles or pre-recorded music tracks, Audacity will do the job nicely. I recorded with 4 mics. You will hit “Split Stereo Track”. Once you get the hang of how it feels, you’ll be able to turn out some great stuff. org has been around since 2006 and over the years they have collected over 100,000 sound effects and music tracks. Bfxr is an elaboration of the glorious Sfxr, the program of choice for many people looking to make sound effects for computer games. [OPTIONAL] - If you want to make it sound more spacey, add the Phaser effect to both tracks. Record computer playback on any Windows Vista or later machine. " Audacity does NOT automatically load new VST plugins on startup, so this will make it refresh the plugins it is using. Saving. (For information about the various effects available, click Help => Contents, then double-click Audacity Help, Menu Bar, and Effect Menu. Click the File menu. Censor Bleep. 2. No matter how clean a track is, there is always a noise floor. VSTs, and Free Demo Software Preview before you download by clicking the flash > located to the right of each audio title. Click the TV to see video This is a quick little video tutorial that will show you how to loop sound effects to make them last longer. The software Audacity has built-in functions such as Removal and Detection, Audacity vocoder is an effect that combines the recording of a human voice together with a synthesized wave form in order to produce a robotic kind of effect. Use "Ctrl" and "E" to zoom in on a selection, or "Ctrl" and "1" to just zoom in. Edit the sound. An example on how to make a cartoon style sound effect based on a voice and . Then, you select All (Ctrl +A / Command + A). Select Effect > Noise Removal again. aif. This program's icon resembles a blue pair of headphones In that case, you can separate them as I describe above and then delete the second track. Bfxr has moved in the direction of increased complexity and range of expression. May 21, 2018 In this quick tip, learn how to use Audacity in Fedora to quickly When recording sounds on a laptop — say for a simple first Then choose Effect > Noise Reduction from the menu, and press the Get Noise Profile button. The slow crashing of waves and the gentle lapping of water in the tide pools really helps me find my inner calm. But audacity does have "amplify" which I think does what you're after. This can add a lot to your projects, especially come Halloween. That’s why you always want to save a copy of your audio file before importing it into Audacity. Sep 29, 2016 Layering the sound effects over your music is easy to do and doesn't Load up the MP3 or other digital file you wish to edit in Audacity. Soundboard. A compressor can take bland audio and enhance it in a number of ways to make it sound punchier and more rich. As obvious as it may sound, ensuring that your recording is as high-quality as possible means that you won't have to edit the recording in Audacity very much, If you're editing music, make sure it's in MP3 format from a CD; if you're recording music, follow these guidelines: You can use Audacity to recreate a few really common and popular effects, such as “rewinding” and that creepy ghostly pre-echo. How to make a TARDIS-style FX sound. This application presents How can I add music to MikuMikuDance? How do I add sound effects to MMD? How do I use Audacity 2. The Audacity free, open-source audio editing program includes a vocoder plug-in that you can use to produce this effect. It needs to be isolated. 4153 Views How to make background music quieter in Audacity. I'm no Audacity expert, but I think you'll need the Amplify effect. All these reflected sounds reach your ears so closely together that you don’t perceive them as separate echoes, but as a sonic ambience that creates an impression of space. It’s loaded with great effects, sound generators, and a fairly flexible editing system. Make sure that Audacity is set up to recognize your microphone. exe as Raw Data. It brings vocals out and brings that full dynamic radio sound many podcasters are after. Here's how you use it: 1. If you need to shorten the sound, just snip a piece from the end, and finalize it with the fade out effect provided, and you will end up with a smoother result. Post production can only do so much. Now select the middle audio track and go Effect-->Change Pitch This time your going to enter the number-2 into the semitone field and press OK. Open one sound (for  Mar 3, 2014 Sound designer Stuart Keenan introduces the concept of Databending, Databending can also produce sonic artifacts which can be useful to have in your . Audacity, according to the developers, is a “free, open source, cross-platform software for recording and editing sounds. Orange Free Sounds - Listen, Download, Enjoy-We Make Sounds Orange! Royalty Free Weather Sound Effects These high quality weather sounds, rain sounds, thunder sounds, storm and wind sounds are for multimedia producers who need permission to use the audio included in their projects. Do this either by selecting with the mouse, or Ctrl + a to select the entire track. Audacity has an amplify effect feature which changes the volume of your selected audio and other effect features can change sound in other ways such as tempo, speed, pitch, and bass. Another thing I think you'll find useful is the equaliser tool. When you loop a sound you are basically just repeating it a set number of times. Finally select the last audio track and go Effect-->Change Pitch and enter the number -4 into the semitone field, press OK. Report. youtube. In BIAS Peak, it's in the Plug-ins window. Apr 4, 2015 Have you ever recorded a vocal track in Audacity only to find that your recording has a For starers, you're gonna need to get the white noise sound alone. volume of tracks or recordings without restrictions. Add a gate to the extra floor tile sound so it increases and decreases in volume every half beat (or quicker whichever suits the size of the vehicle best). This software basically deals with sound and people love it because it enables them to do what they please with their tracks with the help of various sound effects. Finally, adjust the input volume levels as necessary. Audacity audio recorder includes a vocoder plug-in that allows you to produce this effect with absolute ease. Another effect, which is very important for users, who want to remove unwanted noise or spikes in the track, is Click Removal. These amazing effects are: Change Pitch, Change Speed, Change Tempo, Pitch Shift and Truncate Silence. Audacity. Play the song to find the words you want to edit. I also decided to upload the full project files to Google drive to download. Playing next. See last week's article for adding animations to the Poem project. This reflected sound is called reverberation, or reverb for short. 10 Great ways to use Audacity with your Students. Edit WAV, AIFF, FLAC, MP2, MP3 or Ogg Vorbis sound files. How do I make 8D songs on Audacity? (surround sound effect, giving a realistic effect and a tingly feeling) Update Cancel. Apr 19, 2012 How to Make Vocal Audio Sound Better in Audacity . Why? You’ll have a better chance of getting rid of it if you get a clear recording Do any of you know how to make custom 16-bit sound effects? P. This effect is also included with the base install of Audacity. Cut, copy, splice or mix sounds together. php?t=174619. Audacity does little more than simply record the sound that it is fed. No Answers Yet. Afterwards, you can also decrease the mids to keep it below the decibel level of the bass. It’s not a whole lot of sounds, but it’s a decent database nonetheless. Step 5: Now, we need to print the effects onto our reversed wave file. Open Audacity and drag the song you wish to edit into the audio editor. You can treat your voice to make it sound like a robot using Audacity, amazingly, and like the demonic voice effect, this can be done in just a couple of minutes. com Be sure to check out our 8000+ audio files. Audacity may be free, but it’s an immensely powerful sound application. S: the programs I currently have are Audacity and FL Studio 12 I don't usually watch shows for little girls, but when I do, it's My Little Pony. Make sure you have the whole track selected befor you repeate noise reduction. 1816 Views. This is done with pitch control, or autotune, and will like you modify the voice by a number of octaves. You'll probably be given the option of deleting or muting the effects when the sound is rendered. the slider at the left-hand end of that track to make it softer or louder. AudioMicro. Download these free Audacity sounds in wav and mp3 format from Free-Loops. can conveniently control the blend of original and effect-processed sound by adjusting the slider at the left-hand end of that track to make that track softer or louder. Chorus uses a larger delay, to make one voice or instrument sound like many. com/forum/viewtopic. Practical#6 Object: Use Audacity to edit sounds and add Special Effects. Several of them are discussed here: http://www. For example, you could use a motor to turn your creak box or your wind machine. in the special effects menu it has something called "telephone effect" which muffles sounds. It only really requires a few steps to accomplish. Sep 22, 2017 How to Make Songs Sound Better With Audacity. This will  area contains the noise that was recorded and includes the sound of the stylus in Using your mouse select Noise Removal from the Effect drop down menu. If you're familiar with highs, mids, and lows, it is natural to eliminate the treble in order to create the desired effect. One of the cooler things you can do is changing a guy's voice to sound like a woman's. docx from SOFTWARE D 101 at NED University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi. 2:25. Buy fix music and sounds from $1. example, a royalty free MP3 file that you've found or sound effects. Once you've done this, reverse it again. Royalty Free Audacity Loops Samples Sounds The royalty free audacity loops, samples and sounds listed here have been kindly uploaded by other users and are free to use in your project. Removing white noise from audio tracks is a really simple process. It’s a good idea to either use a click track or lay the drums down first to give subsequent tracks a rhythm to play to. Browse more videos. Audacity is a free open source program that you can make and edit sound effects. Next, go to Effect > Noise Removal… and click the Capture Noise Profile button. com. Making waves with Audacity. So, Audacity can not only help you change volume in audio, but also equalize, decrease, normalize, etc. 6) You can manually get a kind of low granularity “reverb” by duplicating the sound, shifting it over slightly to the right by inserting a bit of silence, Open the audio file you want to edit in Audacity. How to create explosion sound effects in audacity. Unwanted sound and noise can be removed and reduced by Click Removal, Clip Fix, Noise Reduction, Notch Filter and Repair effects. From WSU Audacity makes it very easy to mix two different sounds together. For me there is nothing quite as relaxing as the sounds of the beach. com has about 2,000 free sound effects that I found to be of good quality. Fergie sounds good (really?) because she has been recorded by professionals. Audacity Sounds Here are the sounds that have been tagged with Audacity free from SoundBible. Practice your lines in a normal voice. Web Testing by G C Reddy Technologies. A Sound Effect Databending Tutorial: Audacity. I think several effects  Audacity Tips and Tricks. One of the best choices is Audacity Sound editing tools are hugely used in music or cinema industries. Convert tapes and records into digital recordings or CDs. Bfxr has moved in the  Students can persuade their peers to help others, make a difference, or try Adding Music and Sound Effects Quick Guide - (PDF) - Quick tips on adding music  Over the past years, I've often had to make dialog and sound effects sound distant or "on the street" since the original recordings where close up. Next, Go to Effect > Change Pitch (Edit Percent Change to: 2. Click it, and the menu will pop up. 4. Together, these elements constrain the timing of the scene. This is the first of a series of Audacity tutorials I'm making called, Learn Audacity Together. Part 2: Tips on Audacity Sound Effects To be able to get the most out of Audacity, you should know how to use its sound effects properly. Rob Robideau, from the Personal Armament Podcast and a clients for my Subscribe & Follow widget, placed the idea for this April Fool’s Day topic in my Click on Sound. If you want to export to mp3, you’ll have to install the LAME encoder. Find your audio editor's Render or Bounce function. Answer Wiki. The Audacity sound editing program, available as freeware on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX, has a built-in function that turns high-fidelity 16- and 32-bit sound files into low-fi 8-bit recordings. Jun 14, 2012 A cut, speed up by 50% in audacity version of boing_raw. Free Sound Effects Archive Want to download ALL the textures, fonts and sound effects on this site? Click here to download 5,700 background textures and images, 6,800 true-type fonts and 1,980 sound effects. The uploader gets to choose between different licenses so make sure you select files that properly suits your project. The goal is to alter the sound of voice so it sounds as the listener is underwater or in the womb. How To Turn a male voice to female voice with Audacity. Adding Sound Effects to your Audacity Project. I this video, rock band 30 seconds to Mars is made to sound like Avril Lavigne. Check it out! Of course, this can also be done with your own voice too! Other Important Effects. by Steven J. Hopefully the video can teach voice actors about Audacity, and a few of the things it's capable of. " A high pass filter will  I'd look for a VST plugin with a water preset. make sound effects audacity

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